About Us


International Podiatrists Association of Hong Kong (IPAHK) was founded and registered as a Society in

Hong Kong in 2005. IPAHK was established as a collaborative effort between professional podiatrists

working in both the public and private sectors. Our aim is to represent ‘Podiatry in Hong Kong’

in the international arena, to align ourselves with international ‘best practice’ to further the development of

the podiatry profession locally, and also to enhance academic training and continuing professional

education for Podiatrists in Hong Kong.

The objectives of the International Podiatrists Association of Hong Kong are:

  1. To provide a forum for professional podiatrist in Hong Kong
  2. To develop relationships with medical and podiatric professionals both locally and internationally
  3. To promote continuing education for members
  4. To comply with a code of conduct
  5. To maintain and develop professional standards
  6. To increase public awareness of the profession
  7. To achieve professional registration of podiatrists in HK