Continuing Professional Education Policy

The IPAHK CPE policy will be effective from 1st January 2007 and is subject to annual review.

In order to retain IPAHK membership Members will need to demonstrate that they have continuously updated their professional knowledge by

Achieving 60 CPE points per year (Jan to Dec)
Keeping a record of all CPE related activities (which will be subject to audit upon request)

IPAHK CPE Points system

CPD ActivityFully relevant to Podiatry practice1 day20
CPD ActivityFully relevant to Podiatry practice0.5 day10
CPD ActivityPartially relevant to Podiatry practice1 day10
CPD ActivityPartially relevant to Podiatry practice0.5 day5
Literature review /
Fully Relevant to Podiatry practice (must include a synopsis and critique submitted to the IPAHK CPE board)5 per article
(up to 15 per year)

Important points to note

  • The relevance of the course will be decided by the IPAHK CPE Board. Their decision is final.
  • All courses attended (irrelevant of length) will be awarded a maximum of 30 CPE points.
  • When applying for CPE points all details of course, or study days attended must be submitted including a copy of the attendance certificate.
  • For literature review or self study, a synopsis and critique of the article/study material must be submitted
  • Members will be allowed a 3 month ‘grace period’ to fulfill their annual CPE points requirement. Additional points earned can be carried forward until the following year, (up to a maximum of 15 points).

Any member who does not fulfil his/her CPE points requirement may be removed from the IPAHK membership at the discretion of the IPAHK CPE board and the Executive Committee of IPAHK.